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Personalized diet plans for your health and well-being

Choosing to feel good and stay fit, you can start without giving up the pleasure of good food with tasty recipes..
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First visit.

Service offer, includes:
  • 1 meeting with the Nutritionist
  • Food preferences
  • Dietary planning
Entirely online with the Nutritionist for customizing menus with recipes for your health.

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Your diet.

After First visit, includes:
  • Weekly diet plan (7 daily menus)
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Results programming
Entirely online with the Nutritionist to start your diet and check the results.

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Follow-up diet.

Package offer, includes:
  • 2 meeting/month with the Nutritionist
  • 3 months of treatment
  • Diet Updates
Entirely online with the Nutritionist to continue your diet and check the results.

Our expert Nutritionist.

My name is Samaneh Paknia and I am a nutritionist. You can come to us for expert and reliable help with your nutrition problems. We believe that with the right nutrition and lifestyle advice, diseases/conditions can be reversed and prevented. Our personal approach leads to successful results for thousands of patients who don’t feel like they are in "dieting". We offer not only nutrition advice, but also motivation, guidance and coaching until the goal is achieved. I speak Pārsī and English fluently.
I am waiting for you!